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We Are...







We are a community rooted in the Spiritual Heart. In particular we seek the discovering of our true potential by unveiling the Self within. This is done through yoga, meditation, love, compassion, and gratitude.
This is the path of the Hridaya.

Our Story

In 2013...

Dianna and Grace met in Thailand at Agama Yoga. Being northwesterners, they started heartstorming about how to bring the incredible Tantra teachings home to our beloved communities in Washington.
Fast forward to 2016 – Grace met Britt at the Hridaya Yoga Teacher Training in Mexico and the ideas for bringing the message of the Spiritual Heart to the northwest blossomed.
Spring of 2017 saw the first Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat at The Whidbey Yoga Lodge, hosted by Dianna and Grace. The first New Years Retreat happened that winter. Dianna and Grace continued offering Hridaya Retreats the next few years, until…Britt joined the team in 2019!
We were delighted to offer the first 5 day Silent Retreat for New Years 2019-2020 at Harmony Hill Retreat Center on the Kitsap Peninsula. You’ll keep seeing us throughout the Northwest, living the message of the Spiritual Heart and inviting you to play with us in love and silence.

Our Directors

Grace Bryant

Grace Bryant has been a whole life educator for the past 13 years, integrating drama, music, movement, meditation and yoga, mindful living, creative play, teamwork, conscious collaboration and leadership. Her Yogic path began in 2005 when her sister dragged her to a Yoga class in Federal Way. She fell in love with savasana and came back just for relaxation.

In 2007 she was inspired to start teaching informally and since then has studied and taught in 6 countries..


Britt Servent

Brittany Servent is known for her authentic, non-judgmental teaching style and heart-centered philosophy. As a certified Hridaya Yoga instructor she is continuously seeking out philosophical education from various spiritual disciplines.

Britt weaves thought-provoking meditations throughout her classes, applying ancient wisdom to our contemporary western world in a useful and playful way. She encourages growth …


Dianna Heston

Dianna Heston has been known to wander about the world, yet calls Portland, Oregon her home. At the age of 50, with her children grown and on their own and acknowledging her corporate career was not fulfilling, she took off to explore the world and, more importantly, herself. She was lucky enough to be able to travel internationally and do nothing but focus her attention on Yoga, meditation, and Eastern philosophies. Her travels took her to Greece, India, Nepal, Mexico and Thailand…


Who We Are Not...

So many Misconceptions...

This western world is fraught with the misconceptions that you must look or be a certain way to practice yoga. Thankfully Hridaya is a practice built on a spiritual lifestyle that embodies you on an integrative holistic level.

Forget the stereotypes of what you may think looks like a “true” yogi. We are human. We make mistakes. We live messy lives. Acknowledging our humanness allows us to connect to fuller dimensions of ourselves, which is the nature of the Tantric path. 

All body types, genders, races, sexual orientations, religious beliefs and abilities are welcome to dive into the heart of what we call Hridaya. We practice yoga to realize our liberated nature, our True Self and every human is welcome. Our goal is not to become a Lululemon model, but to find our inner smile.

When people hear you meditate

They think your life is like this

When it's usually more like this

Where we practice

Our Venues

Harmony Hill

Nestled on the Kitsap Peninsula, Harmony Hill provides a space of beauty and peace to give our retreat goers the best experience possible. Surrounded by the Cascade Mountains and located on the Hood Canal, this retreat center is based on one incredible woman’s dream to provide a safe haven for those seeking healing, growth, and transformation. In 1986, Gretchen Schodde, a nurse practitioner opened Harmony Hill as a nonprofit retreat facility focusing on providing retreats for those in need of holistic care. 

Hridaya Northwest has the pleasure of hosting silent meditation retreats on this 11.5-acre facility. At Harmony Hill you will find rustic lodges, charming sleeping rooms and meditation spaces that are surrounded by garden paths, walking and hiking trails. If that wasn’t enough Harmony Hill is also home to your choice of two labyrinths.

Our Retreats

Urban One Day Retreat

Urban One Day Retreat

This relatively short retreat is offered as a way for you to reconnect to your center and find your inner peace without the need to travel or set aside an extended period of time. These retreats allow you to see a glimpse of what we offer in our 3 or 10 day retreats if you are considering signing up, but aren’t quite sure. 
Others find this a perfect opportunity to come together and sit in noble silence with guided meditation between attending Hridaya’s longer retreats. 
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