Retreat Venues

Some Of The Places Where We Hold Retreats and Events...

Harmony Hill

Nestled on the Kitsap Peninsula, Harmony Hill provides a space of beauty and peace to give our retreat goers the best experience possible. Surrounded by the Cascade Mountains and located on the Hood Canal, this retreat center is based on one incredible woman’s dream to provide a safe haven for those seeking healing, growth, and transformation. In 1986, Gretchen Schodde, a nurse practitioner opened Harmony Hill as a nonprofit retreat facility focusing on providing retreats for those in need of holistic care. 

Hridaya Northwest has the pleasure of hosting silent meditation retreats on this 11.5-acre facility. At Harmony Hill you will find rustic lodges, charming sleeping rooms and meditation spaces that are surrounded by garden paths, walking and hiking trails. If that wasn’t enough Harmony Hill is also home to your choice of two labyrinths.

Private Country Estates

Private Country Estates

As we navigate the world in the time of a pandemic, several of our smaller events may be held at private estates. 
While these may offer a more intimate experience than a formal retreat center, you can expect the same deep connection to the Sacred Heart. 
Directions and accommodation information will be posted about these locations on the specific event pages as they are made publicly available.